A Slimy Quest

A Slimy Quest is a hybrid 2D Platformer with combat and pong mechanics. 

You control a 'cute' little slime and venture through a deadly dungeon operated by the evil Wizard Matlet!  

Vanquish him AND BECOME THE WORLD PONG CHAMPION!  Or don't,  do what you want.


As Platforming Slime:Action
Left & Right Arrow KeysMove Left/Right
A & D KeysMove Left/Right
MToggles Music
Space barPunches
EscapeExits Game (windows)
As Pong PaddleAction
Up & Down Arrow KeysMove Up/Down
Left & Right Arrow KeysFire Slime Ball Left or Right
A & D KeysFire Slime Ball Left or Right
Space barEject out of the paddle.


  • GameMaker 1.4.9 - Game Engine used to build this video game.
  • Bfxr - Sound Creation Software.  Used to make most sound effects in game.
  • Beepbox - Web-based Chiptune Music creation tool.
  • Piskel - Free online pixel-based sprite editor used to make every sprite in the game.  (Besides the squares, those were made in GameMaker).
  • KongText - (Windows Version Only ATM) A wonderful font made by codeman38.  (This is fulfilling the license requirement outlined in the download for the font). 

GitHub Repository

Word of Warning:

The HTML version is more buggy as the game was initially made for Windows.  I would recommend using the Windows version if you have the option.

Install instructions

Windows Install:

  1.  Extract zip file.
  2. Run the .exe file
  3. If Windows Defender Pops Up click "More Info"
  4. Then click "Run Anyway"
  5.  Enjoy!  ESC to exit.


SlimyQuestWindows.zip 9 MB

Development log


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I enjoyed taking this slimy quest!  I'd love to play a commercial game with some of the pong-to-platformer mechanics of this!